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Juntos Lanzamos is a digitally enabled 7-week program for people interested in starting a small business. This Spanish language program is geared towards assisting participants with the proper registration of their business and technical assistance in the areas of legal, accounting and finance. The program provides valuable resources to ensure the successful start of your business. Juntos Lanzamos also offers mentorship in financial literacy, legal matters and marketing/social media.

Lisandra Martinez Juntos Instructor & Mentor Manager


Angelica Zarco Diaz

The Juntos Lanzamos program helped me understand and improve my business. Thank you to the very well-trained team of Ramiro, Lisandra, Janet, and everyone involved in this wonderful program for their guidance and help. The program helped me improve my finances and become more involved in the marketing of my business. Now I want to take the next step, which is to get a physical store to sell even more and help other entrepreneurs follow their dream.


Ray Esparza Diaz

I had previous experience as an entrepreneur, in my country I had a business that I ran for a couple of years. Life made me come to the United States and it will start again. I found out about these entrepreneurship workshops and decided to take them. The Juntos Lanzamos program helped me learn about certain elements that I had not taken into account in the past, above all, I changed my way of thinking to rethink how to execute my business idea in this country. On graduation day, Professor Ramiro asked me “how do you plan to adapt or what strategies do you plan to take so that what you have already done works in this country?” Without a doubt that point of view has changed my vision. After the course I started thinking about what was next. I registered my business as an LLC and opened an account so I could formally start my business.

Karina Arrieta

The Juntos Lanzamos program opened my eyes to a lot of areas of my business and as an overall entrepreneur. Juntos Lanzamos helped me become organized. I thought I knew everything about entrepreneurship but I really didn't. It helped me learn a lot  in regards to my finances.The instructors are very knowledgeable and have been a great asset over the past few weeks. If there are more classes I would love to be a part of them. The information and resources that they provide are priceless. The Juntos Lanzamos program has helped me improve my business by assisting me in breaking down my business overall. Now I’m paying attention to things that I normally wouldn't or didn't even realize were there.I appreciate this entire team and I'm grateful to have been part of this class. Thank you to the entire organization, and everyone involved.

Elizabeth Quezada

The Juntos Lanzamos Program equipped me with educational tools and resources essential for organizing and expanding my business. As a startup small business, we encounter numerous challenges and obstacles. The Juntos Lanzamos Program has equipped me with invaluable insights, particularly in understanding the financial aspects crucial to launching a business.

Lisandra Martinez Juntos Instructor & Mentor Manager
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