Foundation of Little Village is proud to partner with

The McCormick Foundation

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The McCormick Foundation Communities Program invests in programs that improve the education, health, employment, and economic opportunities for individuals living on Chicago’s south and west sides and suburban communities where racial and economic disparities are prevalent. We raise money from individual donors, with local sports teams, and through philanthropic organizations, matching each donation at 50 cents on the dollar to maximize support of nonprofit organizations working in these communities.


Key Elements of the Approach

  • Work closely with and get input from the communities we serve, particularly in our Place-Based communities of Little Village and Englewood, because great knowledge and ideas live in the community.

  • Focus on root causes and systems, not just symptoms, to effect change at the community level.

  • Seek partnership and collaboration, because no one can solve big issues on their own.

  • Use data and other evidence to find the most effective strategies and solutions.